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Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

αγουρέλαιο 2019

The premium organic extra virgin olive oil “Aelia” has a deep green color and a distinct fruity taste. It comes exclusively from the koroneiki variety, a variety of olives that prevails in the area of Mani and makes the oil of our region famous all over the world.

Firstly, our love for nature and natural methods of cultivation, along with healthy nutrition led us to create a product for which we pride ourselves on its purity and its contribution to health and human well-being. Additionaly, it is a certified organic product with certification code BIO4400003. Only natural soil improvers, namely zeolite rock, are used to improve performance.

Moreover, we produce the organic extra virgin olive oil “Aelia” in Gythio Laconia in olive groves located on Mavrovouni beach. The acidity in our area is very low, while “Aelia” reaches only 0.38%. We pay attention to the uality and not the quantity so we limit our annual production to approximately 3.000kg . This is the reason that we collect the fruit early in the olive season while the olives are still green. As a result, we take a product that retains all the vitamins of the olive and more fenols.

Certifications and Dinstictions

Aelia premium olive oil is certified as a biological product. Additionaly, it is awarded with a silver metal for its special composition of a medicinal product from the pharmaceutical school of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Specifically, the analysis showed that the levels of oleocanthal are above the average of the international olive oil sampling from samples that are included in the study conducted at the University of California, Davis.

As a result, the daily consumption of 20 g from the analysed sample provides 8.82 mg of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol derivatives. Specifically, olive oils containing >5 mg per 20 g belong to the category of oils that protect against oxidation of blood lipids. (in accordance with Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union)

Who Are We?

The premium organic extra virgin olive oil Aelia is produced by Iliana Zafirakou and Dimitris Tsito who have been living in Gythio for a few years. Both at different times we decided to leave Athens and live in the province. Above all, we love nature and the prosperity that contact with it gives us. This motivates us to constantly strive to improve the quality of the olive oil we produce. At the same time we use methods of cultivation and we care for the field with the main focus on respect for nature.

In conclusion, the name Aelia comes from the name of our first daughter who was born in January of 2017.

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    Iliana Zafeirakou

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    Dimitris Tsitos