• granola

    Granola with extra virgin olive oil Aelia

    Handmade Granola with Oat and Extra Virgin Olive Oil After several attempts, I concluded that this recipe looks more like the granola we bought from the supermarket and my daughter really liked it. The biggest difference is that this one is handmade granola with pure materials while the other one is commercial and they use [...] More
  • breakfast ideas

    Breakfast Ideas

    Breakfast Ideas For Better Health and Nutrition 1. Goat milk from Monemvasitis farm with handmade granola and dark chocolate flakes. 2. Goat yogurt or kefir with handmade granola, flaxseed, organic strawberries and pieces of pineapple. 3. Boiled eggs with cherry tomatoes and organic extra virgin olive oil Aelia. You can accompany them with fresh orange [...] More
  • snack ideas

    Snack ideas to take at work

    When it comes to nutrition, it is important to forget about pastry products as well as packaged commercial delicacies such as cookies or croissants. All puff pastry, even if it is wholemeal flour, should be avoided. As said before, we must prepare in advance the snack that we will get at work from the previous …

  • nutrition ideas

    I want to change lifestyle and nutrition

    There are many people who want to change lifestyle and nutrition. They want to eat healthier and exercise more, but everyday life does not allow it. "The truth is that if you want something very much, you can do it. But it needs some planning." CHANGE YOUR NUTRITION To change your diet, you need to [...] More